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Shark Tank

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Dive into the UltraCon Shark Tank and test your skills at pitching new technologies and product development ideas to AIUM's sharks—a panel of experts from industry, venture capital, and academia. Application deadline is March 10, 2024.


Tuesday, April 9
2:00–3:30 pm The UltraCon Shark Tank 

"Thanks to the support of the AIUM’s Future Fund and the Academy, we are able to provide this unique opportunity to support the research, product development, and entrepreneurial communities within the medical ultrasound space,” said AIUM Interim CEO John Thorner, J.D., CAE

“The Academy is thrilled to collaborate with AIUM on this program, it is our most popular interactive event for imaging investigators. Learning how to pitch an innovative idea to industry and venture capitalists is key to setting yourself up to be prepared for funding opportunities across the spectrum. This is a safe and fun way to learn from the experts as a participant and an attendee!” said The Academy Executive Director Renee L. Cruea, MPA

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