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SonoSlam FAQs

Why should my school participate in this event?
Ultrasound is an ever-changing field, and this is a great opportunity to apply your skills and learn from a diverse group of faculty in an intimate setting. Participants will expand their ultrasound knowledge, improve scanning techniques, network with students and professionals from around the country, and have fun!

Can more than 1 team represent their school?
Because we’d like as many schools as possible to participate in SonoSlam, we only allow 1 team per school. If space permits, we will open registration to second school teams approximately 3 weeks prior to SonoSlam. If you’d like to be contacted if slots become available for additional school teams, please send an email to

What if I want to participate but don’t have a full team?
The AIUM will try to make arrangements for you to participate with another team, but can not make any guarantees. Please send your request to no later than February 26, 2024, if you need assistance.

What is included in registration?
Each team participant will receive lunch and some swag, as well as an invitation to a reception.

What is the attire?
This is a casual event. Participants are encouraged to express their creativity and team spirit through team shirts or themed attire.

Do we have to register for the entire UltraCon meeting to participate in SonoSlam?
While there is no requirement to register for the entire meeting, we strongly encourage you to add to your experience by also attending UltraCon to gain insights from experts across diverse topic areas, from AI to clinical applications and education; network at key events; explore the ultrasound industry pavilion; and test your knowledge throughout the event. Register for UltraCon.

What if we have no experience competing?
Even if you have no experience, we encourage you to participate. The competition is fun and our faculty love to teach. This is a great opportunity to meet a diverse group of ultrasound professionals and leaders in an intimate setting. It is a wonderful place to exchange ideas and meet friends and mentors.

What if we have no faculty lead?
While we do prefer a faculty lead for each team, it is not a requirement and should not prevent you from registering a team.

What if I am faculty interested in getting involved?
Sonographers, physicians, and anyone who uses ultrasound in their daily practice can be a proctor for SonoSlam even if they don’t have students participating. We will try to assign you to a station based on your area of expertise. Indicate your interest when prompted on the meeting registration form and we will be in contact when we have determined this year’s station needs.

Are non-participants allowed to observe the competition?
Yes, spectators are allowed and encouraged! To keep the competition fair to all teams, we ask that spectators do not share any answers. Any spectator found to be helping a team will be asked to leave and the team may be disqualified.

If you have any additional questions please send an email to