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Win the Slam!


Prepare for the ultimate ultrasound battle at SonoSlam in April! Teams of students from across the country will compete fiercely for the coveted Peter Arger Cup. SonoSlam is a fun and intense competition in which teams of students test their ultrasound skills.

SonoSlam Registration is Now Closed

What content is covered during SonoSlam?
SonoSlam is unique in that it is a multidisciplinary event. While the exact content varies each year, topics covered include basic physics, anatomy, physiology, as well as clinical applications and hands-on scanning. We try to keep the content broad because we understand that students often have not differentiated a specialty, so the contest regularly covers thoracic, cardiac, abdominal, procedural, and OB/GYN ultrasound.

When: Saturday, April 6 | 11:00 am–5:00 pm
Where: Austin Grand Ballroom FG, Hilton Austin

SonoSlam Registration

Each team must have 3 or 4 student participants—all participants must be prepared and ready to model. If you don’t have a team, but still would like to participate, let us know at We will make all attempts to create teams.

Team Registration Fee # of Team Members
$100 3 or 4

What if I have more questions?
Check out the SonoSlam FAQs.

Extend your Experience

Stick around for all the events after SonoSlam. Beginning Sunday and ending Wednesday there is a lot more to learn about the Future of Ultrasound. Whether you dive deep into image quality and resolution, investigate the latest clinical applications, or artificial intelligence, UltraCon 2024 will provide you with the experiences you are looking for. UltraCon is a separate registration. Register for UltraCon.

Companies interested in providing machines, please contact us at

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